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It's official: I got a new job! As of Thursday I will be a UI Designer at Loot Drop, a facebook game start-up. I could not be more excited! The company is great, the team is awesome, I'm finally working in games, and I get to start my career in UI Design! LIFE WIN!

I am going to be in a show at Phidias Gold. Haven't been accepting a lot of shows for the past year, but I took this one because it sounded fun, and the line-up is killer! I took 360° photos that I want to make into an animated gif or something, so that will be up later.
Hi folks. I am looking for a full time job anywhere in the US. Whatever you've got, send it to me and I'll at least consider it. Check out my linkedin for work experience, thanks.…
I've been keeping a tumblr of artists that inspire me., 43 posts and going strong! Still need to think of a better name though....
I made a formspring account. If you don't know, it's a site where people ask questions, and you answer them. I don't know what to expect, but here it is if you have any questions for me.
Look people, don't steal my paintings. It's super not cool. You will not get away with it, and it's the fastest way to make sure you never become a respectable artist. I don't care if you do a study, and say that it's based on one of my paintings, but don't try to take credit for it. I will report it, and send you hate vibes.
My goodness you guys, what an honor! I don't know what to say, but thank you so much DA, without the support I get from this amazing community I don't know what I'd do, I think I'd just draw sad clowns all day. <3! -Jeremy
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Hey Folks! I did an interview for By far my most in-depth interview yet. Secrets revealed! Thanks to Abby Wilcox…
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Please check out my good friend Benhydra. He's new on here.
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Hi Folks, Thanks go out to those who helped me to get a DD today for my Kissy Face Painting. Thank you! If you happen to be in Berlin, it will be shown at the Strychnin Gallery next month.

You can buy a poster sized print of Kissy Face here if you're interested:…

There's other goodies to be seen as well. If you got something, it would sure help me out!

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Hello peeps,

I'm going to Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Tokyo for the rest or the month, and I don't speak any of their languages. I thought I'd reach out to the international community. Basically, I have a very difficult diet because I'm allergic to gluten, including all wheat products and soy sauce because it's usually made with wheat, and I'm a vegetarian. I need to print something out so that I can show people not to put wheat products or animals in my food. If anybody can help translate that for me, it would be reallllly awesome!

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Hey all,

I made a facebook fan page.…

Add me if ya want to know my happenings.
I added some prints to this deal. It's a complicated process. In the past I didn't care about sticking to standard sizes, which makes it difficult. So some others will be available someday. I dunno why they haven't been quality controlled yet, but I guess you'll have to take my word for it, that I know how to submit images at a high quality.
OK, I just got like 1300 messages in an hour. What's a DD? Daily Deviation right? What does that mean? I'm feeling very new here....

Either way, thanks so much to all of you who have written me messages, comments, and watched or favorited me!!!! It will take me a while to sort through this madness, so sit tight.

Also, what's the deal with prints and how do I do that? Also, why should I do that? I could FAQ it, I know, but where's the personal connection?

Hi! I have just joined and am pretty overwhelmed. I'm trying to figure this site out. Say hi and if you have any tips, I could use them